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Buildings and/or Contents

We have very competitive premiums with the UK’s largest insurers to offer for your buildings and/or contents. Cover can be placed to cover full perils (fire, theft, flood, escape of water, accidental damage, etc) to ensure that your prized assets and possessions are covered in the event of an insurable loss.

Cover can also be extended to cover your personal possessions and jewellery away from the home, including worldwide on some policies.

We find that many people insure their buildings and contents with the banks that provide their mortgage. If you fall into this category you could find yourself paying double what you should be for your insurance. A five minute call to us to obtain the details of your property and contents could provide a handsome saving.

Classic Car

For clients that have purchased a classic vehicle and travelling low miles, this policy is perfect for you. Insurers can provide an agreed value to ensure that in the event of unfortunate insurable loss, you receive the amount agreed at inception (maximum periods for each agreed value apply).


Cover can be placed for vessels such as yachts, small crafts, sailing dinghy, sailing boats, tenders, jet ribs, etc.

High Net Worth Property

For our clients that require a higher level of specialised cover, specifically aimed at larger or grade listed buildings, with a high amount of contents, including jewellery, art, furs, antiques, collections, etc, we can offer a high net worth policy.

GAP Insurance
(Guaranteed Asset Protection)

The majority of the UK now purchase their vehicles via finance, lease, contract hire or hire purchase. Guaranteed Asset Protection policies are designed to ensure that in the event of an insurable total loss, you are not out of pocket.

Our finance GAP insurance will pay the difference (up to the total sum insured) between the total loss value provided by your vehicle insurer and the settlement value provided by the vehicle finance company.

Our purchase price protection GAP will pay the difference (up to the total sum insured) between the total loss value provided by your vehicle insurer and the price paid for the vehicle when purchased.

Other GAP products can be offered, such as agreed value GAP for vehicles purchased privately.

Cover periods can be placed between 1 and 5 years.

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Classic Car
Buildings & Contents
High Net Worth